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product training

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    • How do I add a product license in PassagePoint Gobal?

      There are two ways to add a product license in PassagePoint Global: Automatic and Manual. Automatic Entry of PassagePoint Global Licenses - You must have internet connection with port 80 open - Proxy not supported - If automatic fails, use the Manual ...
    • How to find the product version of PassagePoint

      To find the version of passagepoint, there are 2 methods 1) on a client, login with an admin user, then do Home > configure > product licenses 2) on the Server using windows explorer, navigate to \\PPGlobal\Config\code In the code folder, the folder ...
    • How to get the version of PassagePoint

      Log in to PassagePoint with an Admin user, then: Home > Configure > product licenses see screenshot below
    • How to get the version of passagepoint

      On a passagepoint Client, log in as an Admin user, then do Home > Configure > product licenses > version is circled in red below
    • How to add a license to passagepoint

      Do home > configure > product licenses > hit add > and the product license if you get an error, hit manual entry, denote the machineID and use the manual method - go to - fill out everything in red and hit download ...