How does the Visit Limit work?

How does the Visit Limit work?

Visit Limit feature works on rolling 365 calendar days (e.g., first visit is 8May2023 – the visitor will be managed within the visit limits until 7May2024). 

As per your settings ‘Counter days’ is set to 7 and ‘Visit Limit’ is 5, i.e. Person having this category can Visit (sign in sign out) total 5 times in 7 Days (In last 7 days maximum visit can be 5).

Suppose, you created a person having category with the above settings:

- First day (example 1st of Jan 2016)- He had a single visit.
- Day two (2nd Jan)- He has 2 visits.
- Day three (3rd Jan)- Again 2 visit
- (Total visits up till now=5) This was the maximum cap for 7 day visit, he cannot sign in on 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th jan.
- On 8 of jan- (Total visit in past 7 days i.e. from 2nd Jan is 4)- So he can sign in only once.
- On 9th- (Total visit in past 7 days i.e. from 3rd Jan is 3)- So he can have 2 visit for that day.

If there's a override password set then when the visit counter limit has been reached the user will be prompted to override or cancel the visit. Clicking 'Override' button will prompt the 'Override Visit' window.

Once the 'Override Password' has been entered. The user will be able to save and sign in the visitor.

Override Visit 

If there's no override password set then they will recive the alert message default  'Visit Limit Reached' (or customized message) when the visit counter lmit has been reached.

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