IIS/passagepoint SSO integration Troubleshooting steps

IIS/passagepoint SSO integration Troubleshooting steps

PassagePoint uses IIS windows authentication via NTLM for SSO into PassagePoint

1) Receiving 404, page not found or page not loading at all

a) Disable URL rewrite

double click on URL rewrite

click on the rule, then hit Disable rule

b)  Test IIS by creating a test.txt file

Right click on the passagpoint site, and hit explore 

Using notepad, create a test.txt file with the words "test test test" like this, then save.

Now open a browser on the IIS machine and hit "http://localhost/test.txt"

IIS should return the test.txt page like below. 

 If you are not getting the test page, remove the PassagePoint IIS site and recreate it, and test again until you get the test.txt file

to remove, right click on the site, and hit remove.

2) Receiving a Realm challenge from IIS

a realm challenge Looks like this:

You should be using a FQDN to hit the website, as an IP will prompt IIS's realm challenge.

To avoid this, See KB here:

see under:
one issue that could be problematic is with DNS if a browser determines it is outside of the "intranet" realm

3)  You make it past IIS, but on passagepoint, you see the login page.

On IIS, make sure you are setting the authentication to "windows authentication", and 

make sure windows authentication is enabled, and everything else is disabled.

In the "ROOT" folder, if you have a file called index.jsp.sso_ad

Delete your index.jsp, and rename this index.jsp.sso_ad to index.jsp, then restart your passagepoint service.

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