ID Scanner Troubleshooting Guide

ID Scanner Troubleshooting Guide

ID Scanner Troubleshooting Guide

If your Drivers’ License / Passport Scanners are disconnecting or going inactive, please follow the steps below to help remedy the issue.

NOTE: If you have a QS1000 / Qs2000 For issues please see KB article on troubleshooting the QS1000 / QS2000 here.

A. Use a USB Self-Powered Hub

B. Turn Off Windows Power Saving Features 

1. How to Disable USB Selective Suspend: 

• Open Control Panel. 

• Click on Hardware and Sound. 

• Click on Power Options. 

• Under "Preferred plans," click the Change plan settings link for the plan you're currently using. ... 

• Click the Change advanced power settings link. 

• Expand USB settings. 

• Expand USB selective suspend setting > Change dropdown to Disabled. 

2. How to Turn Off USB Power Save Feature: 
• Open Control Panel 

• Click on Device Manager 

• Scroll down and select Universal Serial Bus Controller > Expand 

• Select USB Root Hub > Right Click > Properties > Power Management 

• Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” 

• OK to Save. 

• Make sure you perform this step for all USB Root Hub option 

3. Disable Hybrid Sleep Mode: 

• Open up Power Options in the Control Panel. ... 

• Click "change plan settings" next to your current power plan. 

• Click "change advanced power settings" 

• Click the + sign next to "Sleep

• Click the + sign next to "Allow hybrid sleep" and change setting to "off" 

• Click OK. 

C. Other issue beside power that can be affecting the scanner. 

1. Switch User Function 

The switch user function is a simple and easy way to change Windows users but it can create a ton of issues with devices and PassagePoint licensing. When doing a switch user, devices and licenses can be held by the previous user, when this happens the new user will not be able to log into PassagePoint (no license available) or use certain devices (ie. printer, camera and scanner.) 

When the system or devices lock up because of the Switch User Function, the best solution is to restart the machine, which is not ideal as you'll need to wait for it to reboot. 

Therefore, the “Recommended Best Practice” would be for the new users to make sure they log out of the previous user before logging into their Windows account. 

D. Best Practice For Moving Sign-In Stations & Storing Devices 

1. Labeling USB ports 

The ideal situation would be to have the devices always plugged in but this may not for possible for certain stations, as these stations are going to be moved or left unmanned. Make sure you mark each USB port so that you can plug each device back into the exact same port being used before removing, moving or storing the devices. This is not a 100% fix but it will provide less issues. 

The reason for this is how the integration is done within PassagePoint, when we add the devices into PassagePoint, we tell it where it needs to look to find those devices. This makes it so that you do not have to select the devices when using that specific feature. i.e. scanning ID, printing badges or taking picture, in PassagePoint. The draw back with this is, when you plug the device into a different port PassagePoint may not be able to find it and now you are unable to connect to the devices. 

2. Allow End User Access to Station Preferences 

To allow user access to Station Preferences follow the direction below: 

• Log into PassagePoint as an admin > Home > Configure System > User Role > Select the Role > Click Edit > Granted Screen Access 
• Next look for Station Preferences > Check the box > Save 

What this does is allow the end users to have the ability to Add Devices back into PassagePoint. This connects PassagePoint to these devices and their new ports. Instruction below are for how to remove/add each device back into PassagePoint. 

a) To Remove Device 

      i. Home > Station Preferences > click on the device > click the Remove Button 

b) To Add Devices 
      i. Home > Station Preferences > Add 
            a) ID Scanner = Business Card & ID Scanner > Card Scanning Solutions > 
                Select the model > Give scanner and name > Finish. 
            b) Printer = Badge Printers > Select Printer > select printer from the dropped 
                down list > Choose Orientation and Paper Size > Finish > OK 
            c) Web Cam = Cameras > Native Video Source > Give the device a name > Finish. 

E. Testing the Scanner outside of PassagePoint

b) Extract it into its own folder
c) Run the idtestutility.exe >> choose option 1
d) The scanner name should appear at the bottom >> device(s) connected:
e) If it does, place a Driver License inside face down >> hit scan ID >> it should scan
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