How to setup Kiosk Auto login

How to setup Kiosk Auto login

From the windows Start Menu

Click Start, type environment variables >> Select "Edit the System Environment Variables"

In the System Properties window >> click "Environment Variables" button

Under the System variables >> Click "New..." button

In the Variable name >> type PP_KIOSKAUTOSTART

In the variable value >> type the name of the kiosk user (The kiosk user name should match the one in PassagePoint)

Click "OK"

Add PassagePoint icon to the startup folder

Press the Windows log key + R, type shell:startup, then select OK.  This will open the Startup folder.

Copy and paste the PassagePoint icon into the startup folder.

On start up PassagePoint will auto login with the user entered into the variable value

To disable the auto login, simply open the windows environment variable and edit the “PP_KIOSKAUTOSTART” and update it.