How to repoint a PassagePoint client to another PassagePoint server

How to repoint a PassagePoint client to another PassagePoint server

Please follow these steps to point a PassagePoint client to another PassagePoint server.
  1. Right Click on the PassagePoint icon and hit ‘Open File Location’
  2. Open the “Client” folder (C:\PPGlobal\Client)
  3. delete imgCache
  4. delete jarCache
  5. delete xmlCachesecure 
  6. delete client.cfg (This will remove the station information and you will need to re-add the devices back to station preferences)
  7. delete idinfo
  8. delete
  9. Go to C:\PPGlobal
  10. Edit the "client.bat" file using any text editor (like notepad)
  11. Instead of “localhost” enter the IP Address of the new PassagePoint server machine and hit save.
  12. Now on launching PassagePoint the client will now connect to the new server.

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