Data Logics scanner installation

Data Logics scanner installation

As passagepoint's barcodes are read via the com port, the Data Logics scanner needs to emulate a com port.

1) If you do not have the drivers for the scanner, you can get it here:
Extract and run the one for your OS

1) download and scan to emulate a com port, and scan from top to bottom

Once that's done and if the com port driver is installed it should appear under device manager> ports>

2)  log into passagepoint>> home> station preferences> add barcode scanner
       Select Generic barcode scanner> give the barcode scanner a name> set to com 4> baud rate 9600
      once the barcode scanner is added you can test by scanning a barcode from any other source.
      DO NOT SCAN the programming barcodes.
       you should get a pop up that says invalid barcode, which means PassagePoint is able to communicate with the barcode scanner.

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