How to Import Hosts

How to Import Hosts

How to Import Hosts (Directory Persons)

  1. Log in to Passagepoint with admin navigate to Home> External Systems> Import Mappings > click “add”

  1. In Setting Details >> Enter the Import Name, Select Import People, then Select from the drop down a Category that has the following permissions: 

    1. Allow as Valid Sponsor of Visitors 

    2. Allow to be included in Directory 

      1. Example Default People Category with these options would be the “Employee” Category

    3. Select Column Separator – Comma, Tab, space, semicolon Column 

    4. Select Column Enclosed by - None Duplicates - Append 

    5. On the Right hand side hit ‘Add column’ to add a new Column Mapping. Select at least the following Column Mappings – First Name, Last Name, Unqiue ID. Hit ‘Save’ button

    6. Click “Test” to load your file to make sure the data in the file matches the column mappings. This test does not specifically ensure the import would be successful.

  2. Navigate to Directory Center > Select “Import” >> Click Browse.. > select your import file >> click Import >> click done when finished

  1. Click “Directory” next to “Import” > Select “search” > enter the name of a person from the import file > click the magnifying glass  to search > select the record > click view full record

    1. The record will open and under data source should display “REC_IMP”