How to create a NDA

How to create a NDA

Agreements in the System Lists configuration screen allows you to enter legal and contract documentsthat visitors will need to agree to as part of their sign-in. Agreements are applied by associating them to appropriate People Categories. Visitors will see those agreements that have been assigned to their category when they sign-in at a PassagePoint Visitor Sign-in Station. Before you begin to configure the NDA features, you should consider the different ways to setup this feature. Agreements may be presented to visitors through the PassagePoint Sign-in Station or manually by a receptionist.

Using a Visitor Sign-in Station
If you are using a Visitor Sign-in Station, then the agreement text will be displayed to the visitor on the screen after the visitor enters the required information. The text can vary depending on which category (Volunteer, Visitor, etc.) they select. Once the NDA is
displayed, you can require that the visitor simply clicks the “Accept” button or you can require that they sign a digital signature pad and then click Accept. The captured signature is stored electronically in the visitor’s record within PassagePoint and can be printed as an agreement document. You can also either require that the agreement be accepted to complete the entry or allow the visitor to
decline the agreement and still complete the sign-in.

Reception Administration of Agreements
If a receptionist administers agreements manually, the visitor's name and contact information are entered on a Visit Entry screen. Then the receptionist clicks the “Capture” button which activates the signature capture pad. The visitor should be shown and allowed to read the agreement text in hardcopy form. The receptionist can view the signature on screen before completing the entry.

Configuring Agreements
To configure Agreements, click “Add” or “Edit” on the Configured Agreements screen under Home | Configure System | System Lists | Agreements. In the Setting Details screen that opens, you can specify a name for this agreement, the type of agreement, the text for this agreement, and accept and decline methods.

sample agreement:

Agreements are set based on the People categories. For example if you want visitors to sign for this agreement

in people categories > select visitors, and edit > select the NDA you've just created and save.

For Kiosk, in addition to the steps above, the KislkAgreement screen needs to be added to the kiosk screens

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