How to assign Screen Policies by User Role

How to assign Screen Policies by User Role

Please make sure to assign the ‘Admin’ role to the Default Screen Policy and uncheck the ‘Apply to all roles’ before adding and assigning new screen policies. User roles are limited to one screen policy, please make sure to not add user roles to multiple screen policies.

  • Navigate to Home > Configure System > Policy Manager > Select ‘Screen Policy’

  • In the Configured policies to the right > Select the ‘Default Screen Policies’

    • Down below in the Policy settings > Under apply Policy To > uncheck ‘Apply  to All roles’

      • Check ‘Admin Role’ and any other roles desired for the “Default Screen Policy

  • To add a new policy and assign it to a new user role > Click ‘Add’

    • Name the Screen Policy

      • Uncheck ‘Apply to All Roles’ and Check the desired User(s) Role and select ‘True’ > Click ‘Save’

Any User having the role applied to this screen policy will now see the changes made to this screen policy only.