How do I add a product license in PassagePoint Gobal?

How do I add a product license in PassagePoint Gobal?

There are two ways to add a product license in PassagePoint Global:  Automatic and Manual.    

Automatic Entry of PassagePoint Global Licenses - You must have internet connection with port 80 open - Proxy not supported - If automatic fails, use the Manual entry option  
  1.   From a PassagePoint Client, Select “Configure System” From “Home Tab”
  2.   Click “Product License” and Click“Add”
  3.   Enter in License Key and Click “Get License” then Click “OK”  

Manual Entry of PassagePoint Licenses - You must have a machine that can connect to the internet - You must obtain the machineID from PassagePoint  
  1.   From a PassagePoint Client, select ‘Configure System’ from the ‘Home’ Tab
  2.   Click “Product License” and Click “Add”
  3.   Copy the “Machine ID” (see screenshot below)
  4.   Paste the Machine ID into the machineID  field and complete all the necessary fields. Then hit the Register and download License file.
  5.   Once downloaded, take the license file back to the client machine where you copied the machineID from and hit the Load license and load the key file.

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