Force reinstall of Acuant SDK on client (Driver not installed or missing)

Force reinstall of Acuant SDK on client (Driver not installed or missing)

The Scanner Driver has not been installed and/or is missing from the system "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acuant"

1) open the C:\ppglobal folder>> Delete the .uninstaller folder

2) Go to c:\PPGlobal\client\
a. delete “jarCache” folder
b. delete “xmlCacheSecure” folder

3) Go to c:\PPGlobal\client\windows\
a. delete the “cssn” folder

4) Go to control panel> programs and features> uninstall Acufill SDK ( If Acufill SDK is not available skip this step. )

5) Go to c:\Program Files (x86)\ delete the “Acuant” folder

6) Reboot the PC

7) After windows startup, Right click “PassagePoint client’ icon and run as administrator
 a. The SDK driver package should pop and begin to install, be patient, it can take anywhere from 5-10mins to install.

8) Once it's finished installing, update the environment variable:

a. Go to windows icon> type “environment” >> select “edit the environment system variables>> click environment
variable button in the bottom right hand comer of the system properties window

b. In the “Environement Variables” window in the system variables panel below >> look for the variable named “Path”
>> edit the variable named “Path” then move “C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Acuant\SDK to the very top. Hit “ok” to close the

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