Steps to assign a new station in PassagePoint

Steps to assign a new station in PassagePoint

No client license is available message. Either all licenses are in use, or licenses and stations in Control Center are misallocated. Follow these steps to assign the station in PassagePoint:
The user "admin" should be able to log in, regardless of the Enterprise Control Center. For the immediate need, log in as "admin" and turn off the Enterprise Control Center. This will allow all your users to login again.  See below for a quick "how to", or see the more detailed

Once you have that, you can enable and configure the Enterprise Control Center:  Control Center

To allocate a workstation to the resource tree,

1) Log in on that workstation with the "Admin" user, and do Home=>station preferences=>get the station name

FYI - by logging in as Admin, you bypass the enterprise control center and can log in.

2) on any other client, login as the Admin user and do Home=>configure system=>Enterprise Control center

In the control center, hit "Edit locations & Allocations"

3) go to the stations, find the station, and click on the >> to move it to the location in the tree you want.

In the sample below, I'm moving it to the San Jose location.

Same with users. Select the user and move user to the location you want.