Can you host the PassagePoint Server in the Cloud?

Can you host the PassagePoint Server in the Cloud?

Can you host the PassagePoint Server in the Cloud?

PassagePoint simply requires an IP address for each PassagePoint client to make a connection to the server regardless of where that server is located. 

Typically since PassagePoint is an on-premise system, our customers use an on-premise server because they require an onsite, controlled environment for security purposes. 

We do have a handful of customers that have chosen to host their server in the cloud using services such as Microsoft Azure. The first consideration is that the required ports will need to remain open for connectivity. Second, there are bandwidth and latency considerations, latency being more important, to ensure uninterrupted service. 

Also, keep in mind that as you are no longer hosting the application, any services that the application uses must be addressable from the application. i.e mail, ldap, etc.

We recommend testing for latency. The minimum bandwidth requirement for the client workstation is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). Here is additional performance information for reference:



   <5ms = fast

<20ms = adequate speed

<50ms = some degragation operations

50-100ms = the program would be usable - may experience lag

>100ms = expect noticeable lag with program  

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