Automatically add destination from HL7 message

Automatically add destination from HL7 message

PassagePoint can auto create destinations from the HL7 message

The auto creation process runs once at midnight meaning that once passagepoint receives a new location, it is not created till this process is run at midnight

This does 2 things:

1) auto creating the destination 
2) when a patient is selected, the destination is pre-selected

To configure:

1) Add a new Action rule in Home > configure > Actions

Rule below extracts the Unit as the destination and stores it in the PP_Patient_Destination variable which then passagepoint will then create the destination with.

FYI - PV1-3-1 is the UNIT. If your hospital uses another field for the desitnation, that field is needed. Pls consult your HL7 analyst.

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