What ports are required for the Acuant SDK activation

What ports are required for the Acuant SDK activation

If you are using the "Automatic Activation" option, you must be connected to the internet to activate your software license key.  

If the computer is behind a firewall, license activation requires that the firewall be configured to let port 80 (HTTP) traffic in and out. The software should work without any issues behind a NAT, as the NAT device/router is specifically tracking source and destination packet information.

The URL that is being requested during the license activation is https://acufill-activation.acuant.net (port [443]).
You should receive a message that says “Welcome to the Software Activation Service Application” if it is able to access the site.  This is normal and means it is working.

Please ensure that these ports are unblocked or configured to allow your workstation(s) access to them. Please check with your IT department or technical service provided for your organization for more information on this.  If you continue to receive this error even after making any necessary networking related changes to your organization, please check with your ISP to ensure that there are no issues with their DNS servers accessing the site.
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